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Standard And Modular Microlauncher Based services — SAMMBA will develop affordable, safe and flexible launch base services to meet Europe’s growing demand for dedicated, reliable and frequent small satellite launches.


develop and build
Develop and build the first modular launch base service deployable at multiple spaceports
access to space
Provide affordable, reliable, flexible and frequent access to space for small satellites
accelerate the growth
Accelerate the growth of the European NewSpace economy

Making space more accessible and affordable for the benefit of all Europeans

Discover The Partners

Six European organisations have joined forces to make space more accessible and affordable for the benefit of all Europeans. Whether you are a researcher or an entrepreneur, a student or a manager at a spaceport, SAMMBA’s modular design means standardised base services wherever you choose to launch your spacecraft.

This project is led by GTD, a system and software engineering powerhouse, and each SAMMBA partner brings their unique expertise to the project — from aerospace research and design to science communication, new market studies and materials science.


SAMMBA @ Ground-Based Space Facilities Symposium 2022

The SAMMBA consortium is happy to announce that we will be present at the 3rd Ground-Based Space Facilities Symposium (GBSF), which is scheduled from 6th to 8th December 2022 in Marseille, France. Various individuals from the SAMMBA consortium will present different innovative and modular service modules developed under the SAMMBA project. These modules will increase […]

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SAMMBA high-level presentation

In order to introduce the project SAMMBA – Standard And Modular Microlauncher Based services, the SAMMBA consortium presents a high-level presentation of SAMMBA, which contains: Overview of the SAMMBA project Information about the SAMMBA consortium SAMMBA service modules for spaceports Strategic advantages of SAMMBA service modules Value added service for spaceports

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SAMMBA in EUCASS conference (Lille, France)

The SAMMBA team will be present at the 9th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS), which is scheduled from 27th June till 1st July, 2022. The SAMMBA team will be present at the exhibitions of the EUCASS to explain the stakeholders, from both the government and commercial space industry, about the different cost-saving […]

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