Our team of six organisations is bringing the art of modular design to Europe’s space industry,
to thrust the European NewSpace market into orbit.

GTD is a technological company founded in 1987 that provides high value-added solutions and services in the fields of space, energy and industry, logistics, airlines, defence and public administration. Today, GTD has customers in 15 different countries and employs more than 300 engineers worldwide who share a passion and knowledge to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by their clients.

With offices in 5 different locations (Spain, France, Germany, UK and French Guiana), GTD has expertise in areas that range from system or solution development to specialized services such as exploitation services outsourcing or independent product assurance. GTD also includes an extensive range of technical capabilities that cover the whole software life-cycle, from planning and analysis to design, development, integration, testing, maintenance and exploitation, ensuring that our clients’ critical systems and processes embody highly reliable software. Furthermore, it is focused on developing and integrating space ground segment systems since 1990, with a strong presence in the European space transportation programmes.

GTD is the consortium leader of the SAMMBA project, responsible for the its implementation and coordination. GTD is in charge of the work package related to Coordination and Base Services, and also participates in Mission Definition and Requirements tasks. GTD’s main contribution to the project is in the field of base solution deployment.

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies (ALAT) is the key contributor to several space programmes such as the European Space Odyssey, in which ALAT has taken part for more than 40 years, and the Ariane programme, since its launch in 1973. Over the years, ALAT has built up considerable credibility in this field and has put every measure in place to ensure the reliability and efficiency of its equipment.

ALAT comprises several business units, including SPACE BU, which is in charge of all activities related to the space sector, including ground infrastructures and the equipment for launchers and satellites. As such, ALAT brings its skills and expertise to European space programmes and projects. From the production of industrial gases to the provision of associated services and the manufacturing of cryogenic tanks and equipment, ALAT proposes innovative solutions to meet the challenges of science and the conquest of space.

As a partner of the SAMMBA project, ALAT is in charge of activities related to fluid topics (mainly propellants and pressurization gases for launcher and payloads), and the associated regulatory aspects (for example, REACH). ALAT is conducting research on technical solutions to handle these fluids, perform proofs of concept and design prototypes for new technologies.

Eurecat is the leading technology centre in Catalonia and the second largest private research organization in Southern Europe. With 70 EU-funded collaborative projects, mainly within the Horizon 2020 programme, and more than 160 ongoing research and development programmes sponsored by the Spanish and Catalan administrations, Eurecat manages a turnover of 43 million euro, 600 professionals and a portfolio of over 1,000 companies.

Technology is at the centre of Eurecat’s activity. With 36 international patents and 9 technology-based companies (eight in Spain and one in Latin America), Eurecat works in the fields of research and development, innovation and training activities. Eurecat’s fields of expertise range from industrial technologies (metallic, plastic and composite materials, manufacturing processes, autonomous and professional robotics, functional printing and fabrics, simulations and sustainability) to digital technologies (digital humanities, big data analytics, IT security and smart management systems, e-health, data mining and multimedia technologies) and biotech.

Eurecat’s contribution to the SAMMBA project consists of digital transformation consultancy focused on Industry 4.0 technologies and led by Eurecat’s Technology Consultancy Department and the development of specific solutions that incorporate innovative technologies.

SpaceTec Partners is a unique boutique consultancy as its team combines years of consulting craftsmanship with in-depth expertise of the space industry. SpaceTec’s broad array of services includes strategy and technology consulting, communication activities, and interdisciplinary project management mainly for public institutions (e.g. European Commission, European Space Agency, European Space Programme Agency, European Parliament, National Ministries, etc.) in the space and space applications domain.

In the SAMMBA project, SpaceTec Partners is leading two key work packages: cost and market analysis, business model and regulatory analysis as well as dissemination and communication. These work packages entail a comprehensive market analysis of the project, overview of a plan and timeline for a new spaceport, creation and maintenance of a cost model and development of the communication strategy, amongst others.

CT Ingénierie (CT) is a French company, subsidiary of the CT Engineering group, with a workforce of 1,800 employees, mostly engineers, scientist and PhDs. It has offices in Europe, America and Asia, and is a leading supplier of industrial companies in the space, aeronautics, automotive, rail, marine, defence, industrial plant and renewable energy sectors.

After more than 30 years of experience, CT plays an active role in the space sector as provider of engineering services (system engineering, business engineering, space launch vehicles design, launch vehicle flight and launch operation simulation) and technological provider of ESA, CNES and private customers such as Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defence and Space, as well as OHB.

The main role of CT in the SAMMBA project is their involvement in the work packages related to the accomplishment of high level requirements by identifying the system needs and the building blocks for the innovation task. CT also participates in the launch base deployment and dissemination activities.

MT Aerospace is an internationally-leading company in the field of aerospace and defence, as well as a global partner for the supply of antennas and mechatronics. Its activities are focused on developing and producing essential subsystems for the European launch vehicle Ariane, the Airbus fleet, as well as for spacecrafts and satellites.

With 700 employees across three different locations (Germany, Italy and French Guiana) and 50 years of heritage in major programmes and continuous investments in research and development, MT Aerospace is a technology leader in lightweight structures and tanks using metallic and composite materials.

Positioned as a key global project partner and supplier for the aeronautics, antennas and mechatronics markets, MT Aerospace is developing and producing sophisticated products, including propellant and high-pressure tanks, as well as complex structural parts.

MT Aerospace contributes to the SAMMBA project with activities in the microlaunch base solution deployment by coordinating and developing the prototypes and the final demonstrators, including the participation within the mission definition and requirements, as well as the creation of the multidisciplinary design analysis and the optimisation environment.