We all rely on satellites. They not only connect us and help us travel, but also show us our impact on the environment and guide us to understand changes in our planet’s ecosystems. With the arrival of the era of small satellite technologies, the demand for frequent and flexible access to space has begun to increase. Each spacecraft and every mission are unique and they require different systems and spaceport services to support them.

The SAMMBA project will design standard and modular base services that will extend existing spaceport infrastructures and propel the small launcher market.

Mix and match. Plug and play. Affordable and flexible.

SAMMBA brings the art of modular design to Europe’s NewSpace market.


By designing and building blocks that can be selected and combined to suit the different needs of different spacecrafts and their missions. This will allow spaceports to operate multiple launch concepts that can competitively respond to the the increasing demands of the small payload space market.


Just as airports have changed to fit the requirements of modern aircrafts, spaceports must also adapt to provide individualised services designed for various spacecrafts and accommodate rapidly-evolving mission concepts.


develop and build
Develop and build the first modular launch base service deployable at multiple spaceports
access to space
Provide affordable, reliable, flexible and frequent access to space for small satellites
accelerate the growth
Accelerate the growth of the European NewSpace economy

Why we need SAMMBA now


As more and more businesses are building small satellites, their needs for access to space have begun to increase and the spacecrafts designed to carry varied payloads have begun to differ. Due to the numerous differences, from the way fuel is pumped into launchers to their positioning prior to launch, many weeks or months can pass between two launches.
Using SAMMBA's modular base services, the time between launches could be reduced to mere days.


Our team's ambition is to equip spaceports with a kit that will aid them to modify and operate launch missions as simply as possible. If the production of a new theatre play would mean that the entire stage would have to be destroyed and rebuilt, we would be left with very expensive tickets or a very boring theatre season.
SAMMBA's approach will help spaceports better adapt to the changing satellite market.


The SAMMBA solution will allow spaceports to adapt their base accommodate different missions using the same equipment to adapt to varying flight scenarios, without a need to fully rebuild existing infrastructure.
SAMMBA’s modular base service designs will be flexible enough to accommodate many the launch requirements of many existing and future small satellite missions.


Any newly constructed spaceport will be able to access the same modular systems available to others.as its so the same plays can be shown at the same price, within the same time-frame.
SAMMBA's services will help spaceports provide reliable and flexible access to space for small satellites in Europe and beyond.