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1 – Scaled erection/retraction system

Name of the system:

Scaled erection/retraction system

Lead entity within the SAMMBA consortium:

MT Aerospace (reach out to us here)

Attachment point within the process chain of the Spaceport operator:

The system responsible for erecting and retracting the microlauncher at the launch pad.

Major benefit [KPI] within the process chain: [cost reduction/processing time reduction/reliability
increase – preferably with quantitative figures]

The scaled erection/retraction system increases compatibility with multiple launchers as the system is not dedicated to one specific launcher and can thus be scaled to different launchers of different sizes.

Anticipated R&D vector for the near/mid/long-term:

The development will follow a step-wise approach and is targeted be operational for one mini-launcher in the short term. In the mid-term, the system would be scaled up toward operation of several mini-launchers. In the long term, the overall size of the system can be scaled up to even larger launchers expanding the market further.

Modularity granted with the following standards:

The scaled erection/retraction system doesn’t require special modifications and can thus be used at any spaceport.

Interoperability granted with the following standards:

Fixation of the system on the ground/surface to avoid moving during launch.

Systems interfaced:

Launcher, AGV for transport of the launcher, mechanical structures

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