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15 – Scheduling 

Name of the system:


Lead entity within the SAMMBA consortium:

EUT (reach out to us here)

Attachment point within the process chain of the Spaceport operator:

Part of the Launch Control Systsem (launch range). Interfaces the Process Manager to collect data that potentially may trigger a need for a replanning of the Spaceport operations aiming the optimisiton of the resources

Major benefit within the process chain:

Automatisation of planning and scheduling reduces costs in front of changes conditions (maintenance operations, new contracts, meteorological conditions) optimising the resources and operations in a multi-launcher scenario

Including the shceduler application in the IT infrastructure allows to interface the optimisation algorithm with all necessary data surveyed in real-time for a holistic awareness of the Spaceport infrastructures and campaign status, thus increasing the availability and reliability of the infrastructures

Anticipated R&D vector for the near/mid/long-term:

Optimisation algorithms in the frame of AI

Modularity granted with the following standards:

Universality: The spaceport scheduler is compatible with different spaceports and takes into account multiple launchers

Interoperability granted with the following standards:


Systems interfaced:

Process Manager Tool (IT virtual cluster)

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