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13 – Virtual Cluster 

Name of the system:

Virtual cluster

Lead entity within the SAMMBA consortium:

GTD (reach out to us here)

Attachment point within the process chain of the Spaceport operator:

Part of the Launch Control Systsem (launch range). Controls de campaign and operations status from the Spaceport operator perspective

Major benefit within the process chain:

Cost-benefit: The optimisation and standardisation of hardware procurement contributes to simplifying the installation and to reducing the space needed for the platform and its maintenance costs, which helps to minimise the CAPEX due to reduced infrastructure requirements. SAMMBA monitoring and control architecture also helps reduce the on-site operators to help minimize operating costs (OPEX). The virtualisation of server and computer devices enhances scalability (multi-launcher campaign management) and enables delocalised operations and operators (distributed systems).

Simplified operations: The availability of information, distributed in real-time among the involved stakeholders, makes operations agile thus contributing to a reduction of the time consumed by operations and decision-making procedures.

The use of standard technologies and protocols simplifies the IV&V procedures and ensures long-term durability (increased infrastructures availability, reliability and reduced maintenance) hence also contributing to reduced operating expenses (OPEX).

Universality: System version management/orchestration for SW architecture allows parallelisation of operations and systems configuration for multi-launcher campaigns during campaign preparation and during the campaign itself. Multiple virtualised architectures can be maintained with no increase of staqndard HW or operations effort, deploying the appropriate version during campaign preparation, even off-site.

Anticipated R&D vector for the near/mid/long-term:

Real-time virtualisation, IHM display export, architecture orquestration

Modularity granted with the following standards:

VM SW, Container technology, standard HW, Process Management tools, Blockchain Database

Interoperability granted with the following standards:

MQTT broker, VPN secure communications, Blockchain Database

Systems interfaced:

Scheduler, Blockchain Database, meteorological awareness, MCS

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