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12 – Weather impact on operations

Name of the system:


Lead entity within the SAMMBA consortium:

CT Engineering (reach out to us here)

Attachment point within the process chain of the Spaceport operator:

LAB_METOC is a software platform developed by CT Ingenierie Paris that aims to give operators some tools to manage a weather-sensitive mission, for example, a launch campaign. Its main purpose in the SAMMBA project is to create a view of the impact, expressed in terms of risks, of the weather forecast during the launch campaign

Major benefit within the process chain:

The enabled improved decision-making process during the whole launch campaign via the LAB METOC software results in benefits in different dimensions. One of the key benefits is the reduction in risk as the tool allows to display different risks. This feature helps the decision maker to understand at a glance if the planned activities involve risks related to environmental conditions and start necessary de-risking activities if necessary. This approach allows for launch campaigns to be managed in a more cost efficient manner.

Anticipated R&D vector for the near/mid/long-term:


Modularity granted with the following standards:

The use of LAB METOC doesn’t require special modifications and can be used at any spaceport.

Interoperability granted with the following standards:

LAB METOC doesn’t require any interfaces. The information extracted from the same can be used for launch base management.

Systems interfaced:

Launch base management and scheduler

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