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12 – weather impact on operations

Name of the system:


Lead entity within the SAMMBA consortium:

CT Engineering

Attachment point within the process chain of the Spaceport operator:

LAB_METOC is a software platform developed by CT Ingenierie Paris that aims to give operators some tools to manage a weather-sensitive mission, for example, a launch campaign. Its main purpose in the SAMMBA project is to create a view of the impact, expressed in terms of risks, of the weather forecast during the launch campaign

Major benefit [KPI] within the process chain: [cost reduction/processing time reduction/reliability
increase – preferably with quantitative figures]

Increase in reliability: yes
Increase in availability: yes
Increase in safety: yes

Anticipated R&D vector for the near/mid/long-term:


Modularity granted with the following standards:

The use of LAB METOC doesn’t require special modifications and can be used at any spaceport.

Interoperability granted with the following standards:

LAB METOC doesn’t require any interfaces. The information extracted from the same can be used for launch base management

Systems interfaced:

Launch base management and scheduler

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