Inspection of spaceports’ operations using state-of-art drones and sensors

One of the innovations that we aim to implement within the SAMMBA service modules is to provide on-demand inspection of launch campaign operations involving fluid operations with the help of next-generation drones.

Thanks to our partner’s extensive experience in working with propellants, we are looking forward to ensuring the operations involved during a SAMMBA launch campaign are seamless and can be monitored at any point of time during the launch campaign with a limited number of personnel involved in the process.

In order to do so, SAMMBA service modules will be equipped with the required sensors to enable autonomous inspection with the help of drones. The sensors integrated with SAMMBA service modules will communicate with the drones in order to exchange information about the status of operations involving different fluids such as propellants.

Drones will also be equipped with cameras to enable effective monitoring. Due to the generic nature of this SAMMBA service module, it will be compatible with several launch campaigns regardless of the origin of the microlauncher.

With the help of this innovation, we aim to reduce the time required for a launch campaign as well as the chances of launches being delayed. This will in turn help spaceports operate effectively and reduce their operating expenses (OPEX). In essence, SAMMBA will allow spaceports to have a higher profit margin or to offer attractive services to their clients.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870451.
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